Current Tax and Deferred Tax Liabilities or Assets

Current Tax and Deferred Tax Liabilities or Assets.When there is uncertainty over income tax treatments, paragraph 4 of IFRIC 23 requires an entity to ‘recognise and measure its current or deferred tax asset or liability applying the requirements in IAS 12 based on taxable profit (tax loss), tax bases, unused tax losses, unused tax credits and tax rates determined applying IFRIC 23’. Paragraph 5 of IAS 12 Income Taxes defines:

  1. current tax as the amount of income taxes payable (recoverable) in respect of the taxable profit (tax loss) for a period; and
  2. deferred tax liabilities (or assets) as the amounts of income taxes payable (recoverable) in future periods in respect of taxable (deductible) temporary differences and, in the case of deferred tax assets, the carry forward of unused tax losses and credits.

Consequently, the Committee observed that uncertain tax liabilities or assets recognised applying IFRIC 23 are liabilities (or assets) for current tax as defined in IAS 12, or deferred tax liabilities or assets as defined in IAS 12.

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